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Sean Monahan breaks silence on a potential comeback to the Canadiens

Published May 2, 2024 at 5:13 PM

The one who has been a forward for the Montreal Canadiens for most of the past two seasons, Sean Monahan, has just broken the silence.

Following the elimination of the Winnipeg Jets against the Colorado Avalanche, Monahan was questioned about what he is looking for as a free agent.

Let's remember that some rumors are bringing him back with the CH, as Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton were the first to offer him a real new opportunity.

Return of Sean Monahan with the Tricolore as a free agent: he answers the question and we need to lower our expectations of seeing him back

In his response, Monahan has possibly settled this matter.

It's a pity, but we can understand.

Monahan clearly stated that he will prioritize a winning team, a team that can compete for the highest honors.

"Sean Monahan was asked what his priorities will be as a UFA. He wants to be on a winner with a chance to compete. He's enjoyed his time here and sees Winnipeg as a team that can compete."

- Murat Ates

Therefore, this will be a case to watch this summer, but you understand that, in light of this response, it probably unfortunately eliminates Montreal from the equation.

Monahan, 29 years old, has accumulated 24 points in 34 games this season with the Winnipeg Jets, and 35 points in 49 games with the Montreal Canadiens.

In total, we're talking about 52 points in 74 games played with the Canadiens.

He will certainly be a highly sought-after player this summer.

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Sean Monahan breaks silence on a potential comeback to the Canadiens

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