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Insider reveals that the Habs almost drafted Knies instead of Mailloux

Published May 10, 2024 at 7:22 PM

At the 2021 draft, Marc Bergevin could have very well avoided controversy and not chosen Logan Mailloux, by selecting the next name on his list instead.

According to what Marc-Antoine Godin reports in his podcast for Radio-Canada, that name was none other than the current Leafs forward, Matthew Knies.

It is remembered that at the time, Mailloux had asked all the GMs not to select him, as he was involved in an off-ice incident. Bergevin ignored this warning and instead dared to select the promising defenseman.

It's official: Marc Antoine Godin confirms that the Canadiens almost drafted Matthew Knies instead of Logan Mailloux in 2021

Marc Bergevin eventually targeted a young defenseman you know well.

According to what Godin reports in this podcast, Knies was a player who interested Trevor Timmins and his scouting staff.

See the essence of his words:

«He's a guy the CH had on its radar when they chose Mailloux, Godin revealed. According to our information, if it wasn't Logan, it was Knies next.»

- Marc-Antoine Godin

Knies was eventually selected by Toronto at the 57th spot, 6 ranks ahead of the next two selections of the CH (Riley Kidney and Oliver Kapanen). The Leafs' forward has since amassed 35 points, including 16 goals, in 83 games with the Maple Leafs.

On his part, Mailloux has made a nice 180 in the public opinion of Montreal. He managed to polish his image and become one of the crowd favorites with the Rocket de Laval. His play on the ice as well as his interviews, He was also the choice of Laval to participate in the AHL All-Star Game.

By choosing Knies instead of Mailloux, the CH might have added a quality forward to its lineup (and avoided a controversy), but at the expense of a solid defender.

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Insider reveals that the Habs almost drafted Knies instead of Mailloux

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