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Georges Laraque proposes a trade between the Habs and Hawks

Published May 10, 2024 at 3:24 PM

Through BPM Sports, Georges Laraque and Tony Marinaro unveiled a major trade proposal between the Canadiens and the Blackhawks, involving Kaiden Guhle.

Personally, even though I believe a lot in Ivan Demidov, and even though I would really like Montreal to move up to the second overall pick for the 2024 draft, I would not make this trade.

Check out their offer.

Kaiden Guhle traded to the Blackhawks by Kent Hughes, to move up three ranks?

It would be too costly, in my humble opinion.

"The Canadiens offer Kaiden Guhle and the 5th overall pick against the Blackhawks' second pick. Would you do it?" - BPM Sports

Guhle has scored 10 goals and 30 assists (40 points) in 114 career games in the National Hockey League. He is increasingly establishing himself as a cornerstone, and he plays very big minutes for the Montreal Canadiens.

His injury troubles are slightly worrying, but he remains an extremely interesting player to have in a lineup.

Demidov has scored 23 goals and 37 assists (60 points) in just 30 games in his native country, while Nikita Kucherov had recorded 58, but in 41 games.

And you, would you do it? Do you like this offer put forward by BPM Sports?
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Georges Laraque proposes a trade between the Habs and Hawks

Would you trade Kaiden Guhle and the 5th overall pick for the 2nd overall pick?

Yes27823.5 %
No90676.5 %
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