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Former Habs defensemen released by Hughes breaks his silence

Published May 10, 2024 at 11:38

A few weeks ago, we announced an unexpected and sudden departure from the Montreal Canadiens organization for the young defenseman Nicolas Beaudin.

Beaudin had then decided to suddenly leave the Tricolore organization, while he was at that time with the Laval Rocket, and we had very few explanations following this departure.

Today, we have some!

Nicolas Beaudin explains why he left the Laval Rocket and the Montreal Canadiens organization so quickly

The one who was released by the Canadiens earlier this year was not happy with his usage and he wanted a real opportunity. He was the 7th defenseman in Laval.

Nicolas Beaudin, 24 years old, acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks in 2022 in exchange for Cam Hillis, amassed 6 points in 16 games this season with the Laval Rocket.

In his NHL career, he has 6 points in 22 games, for this former first-round pick of the 2018 draft. Beaudin added 3 points in 9 games in the top league of Czechia, and he just signed a contract extension there.

Via the podcast "Sans Restriction", he explained his sudden departure from Montreal and Laval:

I told him: "I'm leaving now, I want to leave in the next few weeks". Then I started receiving offers from Switzerland, Germany... And then I thought that as long as I'm finishing the year in Europe, I might as well take the one that gives me the most money. [...] At the same time, it wasn't just about the money. This team was top-2 in the league. [...]

- Nicolas Beaudin

See the excerpt in question:

So it seems that Beaudin was the one who asked the Canadiens to release him from his contract.

Credit : HABSolumentFan - Nicolas Beaudin s'ouvre sur son départ soudain du Canadien
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Former Habs defensemen released by Hughes breaks his silence

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