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A player better than Connor Bedard has just been targeted by Hughes

Published May 10, 2024 at 6:38 PM

Earlier this month, Canada came from behind to beat the United States 6-4 and win the Under-18 World Hockey Championship.

In the victory, we witnessed a hockey lesson not from a fringe prospect of the next draft, but from that of 2026. It's young Gavin McKenna.

He finished the game with no less than three goals and an assist to help his team win this championship for the fifth time since 1999. The 16-year-old sensation accumulated a total of 20 points, including 10 goals, during this competition.

Long considered the top overall pick of the 2026 draft, McKenna has impressed not only fans and hockey men but also his teammates.

Gavin McKenna, better than Connor Bedard?

Caleb Desnoyers, who was his line-mate along with captain Porter Martone during the World Championship, made a bold assertion. He is certain that McKenna will not only be a good player, but that he will also be a generational player in the NHL.

« McKenna could become better than [Connor] Bedard »

« He won't just be a first overall pick, McKenna will be a dominant player as soon as he enters the National League » - Caleb Desnoyers

Comparing McKenna with the last players of this kind, namely Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Connor Bedard. These players had accumulated 135, 66, and 110 points in their first complete junior seasons respectively. McKenna, on his part, had 97, including 34 goals.

« Every time he has the puck, he's threatening. As soon as he touched it in the offensive zone, the opposing teams panicked. The guys would back off and it gave him more time to do what he wanted. He's really an exceptional player that comes once in millions » - Caleb Desnoyers

The Montreal Canadiens soon too good to hope to acquire McKenna?

Knowing all this, it's a pity to know that the CH will be at another stage of its rebuild by the summer of 2026. The chances of seeing Kent Hughes speak at the very top rank, while many want to see the CH in the playoffs in two years, are very slim. Just imagine the club's top brass watching McKenna's feats...

In any case, Kent Hughes has indeed targeted this young McKenna!

It will be interesting to see the young man's progress over the next two seasons. If he is so impressive today, imagine in two years!

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A player better than Connor Bedard has just been targeted by Hughes

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