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Major announcement on the trade market for Kent Hughes and it's good news

Published January 29, 2024 at 4:28 PM

Last year, many Montreal Canadiens fans were greatly disappointed with Kent Hughes' work at the trade deadline, especially after all he had accomplished the previous year.

At the 2022 trade deadline, Kent Hughes had been very active and had been excellent, notably by trading names like Ben Chiarot.

At the 2023 trade deadline, Kent Hughes was completely inactive, or almost.

What will the 2024 trade deadline look like for Kent Hughes?

Good news! It's likely to be more like 2022, and for a very simple reason.

Two years ago, several teams were in the race for the playoffs and many teams wanted to buy, which really favored sellers (like MTL).

Last year, very few teams were in the race and there were a lot more sellers than buyers, which was bad and difficult for the CH.

For 2024, Kent Hughes has already talked about it in interviews, but it's becoming more and more confirmed.

It seems to be a year where there will be more buyers than sellers at the deadline, which is obviously excellent news.

«The Leafs, the Wings, the Islanders, the Penguins, the Devils, and the Capitals should all be fighting for a spot in the East

And in the West, we find the Kings, the Blues, the Preds, the Kraken, the Flames AND the Wild who are relatively well positioned. [...]

And the more clubs are in the race for the playoffs, the more clubs will want to improve by next March 8th.» - Via Marc-Olivier Cook

We love it! The tight standings and the large number of clubs still in the race will certainly greatly help Kent Hughes as well as Jeff Gorton to have a big trade deadline.

It looks very good!

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Major announcement on the trade market for Kent Hughes and it's good news

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