Potential Logan Mailloux trade falls through due to his past issues

Elias Edmonson
May 31, 2024  (12:54)

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The last season was revealing for Logan Mailloux, one of the top prospects of Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens.

In addition to standing out on the ice for the Laval Rocket with his play, he won the hearts of fans with his temperament. Despite being one of the Habs' prospects with the most potential, it seems his value on the trade market is not as high as one might think.

NHL Trade Market: There are still teams that do not want Logan Mailloux due to his past

With the high number of defensemen the organization has in its ranks, it is normal to wonder who will leave the team in the coming months. It must be said, the Lane Hutsons, David Reinbachers, Kaiden Guhles, Logan Maillouxs, Arber Xhekajs, Jordan Harrises, Justin Barrons, Jayden Strubles, and Adam Engstroms cannot all line up with the Habs in the coming years, and choices will have to be made.
Even though getting rid of Mailloux is not an option for many, this option must still be considered. While many might think, with his good start in professional hockey in 2023-2024, that the young man's value would be high, Scott Wheeler quickly brought us back to Earth.
In a recent Q&A session, the journalist from The Athletic stated that the market would be more limited for Mailloux than for guys like Harris, Barron, and Struble.
Here is what Wheeler replied to the question of which defensive prospect among Mailloux, Harris, Barron, and Struble would be the most attractive on the trade market:
"Mailloux is the best prospect but the market would be more limited.

Probably Struble now with the way teams want their defense to be built. However, that doesn't bring major value for him, Barron, or Harris." - Scott Wheeler

So, we must think that despite all the good rehabilitation work the Habs have done over the past few years, Mailloux's past still scares other teams. It's sad because Kent Hughes could miss out on a great opportunity to receive a good offer for his prospect not because of the player's potential, but because of his off-ice past.
At least one club has turned its back on Logan Mailloux on the trade market. That doesn't mean Kent Hughes wants to trade him, but even if that were the case, there are teams that wouldn't want him because of his past.
It's incredible...
So, no matter who leaves the organization, Kent Hughes won't get much in return aside from a spot in his lineup. However, this could quickly change, but this seems to be the situation as of today.
For those wondering why the Habs would sacrifice Mailloux before Barron, remember that he was a pick of the Bergevin clan while Barron was chosen by the Hughes clan. The current GM will certainly give Barron more chances than Mailloux, regardless of talent.
One thing is certain, the congestion among defensemen will force Kent Hughes to move sooner rather than later. It could be one of the four mentioned above, but don't be surprised if the Habs' management pulls another rabbit out of their hat!
It was this management that traded Alex Romanov in 2022, even though he was a crowd favorite. Do you miss him? The answer to this question proves that the GM will have carefully analyzed the situation if he trades another crowd favorite during the next offseason!
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Potential Logan Mailloux trade falls through due to his past issues

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