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Interesting trade offer for Arber Xhekaj: it would be enough to agree to trade the Sheriff, according to Simon Boisvert

Published February 4, 2024 at 10:18 PM
After playing 17 games with the Laval Rocket, Arber Xhekaj has finally returned to the big club. However, his usage by the coaching staff has left many incredulous as he has only played two games since his return to the city.

While many are frustrated to see that the use of their favorite D-man is managed in this way and want to see him in the lineup at all costs, others think it's time to trade him. The controversial analyst Simon Boisvert is of this camp and thinks that Kent Hughes should take advantage of Xhekaj's current value while it's good.

In case of a quite interesting trade offer, Boisvert would clearly trade Arber Xhekaj

"I believe his value [Xhekaj] is still high. If they have a good offer for him, I don't understand why they wouldn't cash in immediately. [...] I know he represents something, he is a big player who can play hockey. You need this kind of player. But if the CH can be offered a late first-round pick for Xhekaj, what are they waiting for?"

- Simon Boisvert

But Kent Hughes does not seem, for the moment, willing to get rid of his young player.

Indeed, this weekend, the columnist for the site TheFourthPeriod, David Pagnotta, launched a trade offer that made many react. According to his sources, Kent Hughes would not only have received calls for his defenseman but also declined an offer.

"Teams have not only called the Montreal Canadiens about the robust defenseman Arber Xhekaj, but some have also presented concrete offers.

In fact, we learn that the Canadiens received an offer for a young NHL forward, a former first-round pick, with second-line potential. Montreal declined." - David Pagnotta

With the huge mass of left-handed defensemen in the organization, it's certain that one or several will leave the ship sooner rather than later. Therefore, the name of Arber Xhekaj must be added to the list of defenders who could potentially be traded by Kent Hughes.

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Interesting trade offer for Arber Xhekaj: it would be enough to agree to trade the Sheriff, according to Simon Boisvert

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