Tampa Bay Lightning all star representative Nikita Kucherov
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Kucherov could be facing suspension for his behaviour during the All star weekend

Published February 4, 2024 at 7:49 PM
The NHL All Star Weekend in Toronto has came to a close, and the new format made the players more excited to participate and played with more stakes on the line.

The competitions allowed the winning player to bring home a million dollars, causing players to really get themselves into the action with hopes of bringing home a prize. Well almost everyone, except Nikita Kucherov.

Kucherov shows disgusting display at All Star Weekend

Nikita Kucherov was known this weekend for all the wrong reasons. He was criticized and was shown lots of backlash for his "effort" during the skills competition. The russian forward showed an immense lack of effort and in fact was a disgrace to the fans who payed money to be there. In a clip, you can see Nikita showing no effort in the competition he was involved in.

It's not fair that players who get paid lots of money, refuse to participate in the All Star games or don't try because they wish to have a vacation. You have the whole offseason for that!

Suspension to come for Kucherov?

A former NHL goalie and current analyst Patrick Lalime commented about Kucherov's showing in Toronto.

"I saw league representatives [after Kucherov's actions], and they were not very, very happy. It was a lack of respect and a lack of class towards hockey. I feel like he loved it even more; the crowd was booing him, and he took even more time." - Via TVA Sports

Kucherov's actions have been widely criticized for lacking sportsmanship and negatively impacting the reputation of the sport he is devoted to. Numerous fans are calling for the NHL to intervene.

We will see if a suspension will arrive, but not a good look for the NHL.

Even fans weren't impressed and they let him have it on X:

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Kucherov could be facing suspension for his behaviour during the All star weekend

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