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WOW: Gary Bettman Loses His Patience and Snaps at a Journalist

Published February 2, 2024 at 4:44 PM

During the highly anticipated press conference of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, held earlier today, we witnessed a very particular scene.

Let's just say it's extremely rare to see this.

The excellent journalist Robyn Doolittle, from the Globe and Mail, causes Gary Bettman to lose patience by doing her job very well

The journalist in question, Robyn Doolittle, did a sensational job covering the scandal involving the 2018 edition of Team Canada Junior.

She got big scoops and really helped shed light on this story.

Today, she finally had the chance to ask Gary Bettman questions about this matter, to get the truth, and it can be said that she was extraordinary.

She did not settle for asking 2-3 complacent questions and letting Bettman recite his usual responses, far from it.

She insisted on important points, she asked numerous very important questions (and probably too probing for Bettman's liking), so much so that the commissioner interrupted her.

He had enough... He is not used to being grilled like that, Mr. Bettman.

After a series of questions from Robyn [Doolittle], who has done incredible reporting on the 2018 Junior World Championship scandal, Bettman stopped her, interrupted her and declared:

"Are we having a personal conversation here? Can we let others speak?"

Via Frank Serevalli.

Wow, solid work by the journalist. This was probably one of the big highlights of this press conference.

And the full press conference:

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WOW: Gary Bettman Loses His Patience and Snaps at a Journalist

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