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Sad announcement from the Capitals involving Alex Ovechkin

Published May 1, 2024 at 8:54 PM

Washington Capitals legend Alex Ovechkin has unfortunately probably had the worst playoffs of his career.

Ovechkin, 38, finished the 2024 playoffs with 0 points in 4 games played, and only 6 shots on net in total.

As part of his end-of-season review, the Caps' head coach, Spencer Carbery, revealed why his number 8 had so much trouble at the most important time of the year for his team.

Sad statement from Capitals head coach, and he becomes emotional in defending the great Alex Ovechkin

It's sad to say, but according to Carbery, Ovechkin was simply exhausted. He had nothing left in the tank, after an extremely demanding end of the season for Ovi as well as for the entire team.

Ovechkin was downright exhausted, having given his all during the Capitals' end-of-season push to make the playoffs.

"The Capitals' coach, Spencer Carbery, felt that Ovechkin had nothing left in him after leading the team to the playoffs.

"It was a lot. Especially the last two weeks where every game was a matter of life or death for our team. I feel like it drained him a lot physically and mentally." - Greg Wyshynski

Clearly, it was absolutely not a question of will for Ovechkin. He had simply emptied his tank to get his team to the playoffs.

"It's sad to say, but Alex was completely exhausted, mentally and physically," and one can feel the coach's emotion in his voice.

Come playoff time, he simply ran out of ammunition.

Ovechkin, 38 years old, amassed 65 points in 79 games this season, including 31 goals, but he especially collected 38 points in 37 games to finish the regular season.

He was at his best at the most important time of the season but had no energy left for the playoffs.

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Sad announcement from the Capitals involving Alex Ovechkin

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