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A trade involving a young Habs player has just been rejected

Published May 1, 2024 at 3:30 PM

Here is some interesting news for Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, and for the fans of the Montreal Canadiens.

SKA (in the KHL) wanted to acquire Habs prospect Bogdan Konyushkov, but he refused! Wow!

Bogdan Konyushkov refuses a trade in the KHL

This is important news for several reasons:

1- It shows the young player's loyalty to his current team, which says a lot about his attitude.

2- It shows that he is very talented, because SKA really wants him.

3- It's good news for his future in the NHL and with the Canadiens, because the most difficult players to get through are often those from SKA.

With the 110th overall pick in the 2023 National Hockey League draft (in the 4th round), the Canadiens drafted right defenseman Bogdan Konyushkov.

Since his selection, the young player has significantly increased his value, having accumulated a solid 28 points in 65 games in the KHL. He also participated in the All-Star game there.

"SKA tried to get the Montreal Canadiens prospect Bogdan Konyushkov.

He himself, his agent, and his team all refused.

Igor Larionov > Roman Rotenberg" - Via Hockey News Hub

Interesting! Details to follow.

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A trade involving a young Habs player has just been rejected

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