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The real reason for Matthews' absence is finally revealed publicly

Published May 1, 2024 at 11:31

Eliotte Friedman has just revealed the real reason for Auston Matthews' absence, and it's worse than we thought.

It is worth recalling that the star forward of the Toronto Maple Leafs was outright removed from game #4 by the doctors, during the game, and he missed game #5, which was the most important game of the season for his team.

Clearly, it's serious.

While the focus is mainly on the Maple Leafs, who are trying to avoid elimination, many fans are really worried about Matthews' health condition.

Elliotte Friedman provides details on the reason for Auston Matthews' absence

Friedman, who is probably the best-informed NHL insider, has revealed significant information about Matthews, as well as about the injury or illness he is currently suffering from.

«Knowing that these are the playoffs and that we won't know exactly what happened until the end of the Leafs' run, I don't believe that this is the illness anymore.

A disease doesn't last like that, so I think something else developed after, I believe it's the consequences of that or an injury - obviously, we won't know until the Maple Leafs finish their run, but I don't think it's the disease [that's preventing Matthews from playing game #5].» - Elliotte Friedman

So it's not very reassuring for the future, but at this point, let's just hope that Matthews can recover his form, his health, and most importantly, that there are no long-term impacts for him.

See the full excerpt:

Matthews, 26 years old, has amassed 107 points in 81 games this season, including 69 goals. During this first-round series against the Boston Bruins, he has accumulated three points in four games, including 1 goal.

Credit : Maple Leafs Daily - Insider reveals the truth about Auston Matthews' absence
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The real reason for Matthews' absence is finally revealed publicly

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