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Trevor Letowski comments after Martin St-Louis' return

Published March 26, 2024 at 6:11 PM

Last night, the Canadiens announced the big return of head coach Martin St-Louis, who was with his wife and children.

You can also guess that this obviously signifies the end of Trevor Letowski's tenure as interim head coach of the CH, and he will immediately resume his duties as assistant coach. (as specified in the press release)

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Letowski's work.

Thank you, Trevor!

He really was not placed in an obvious situation, and he really handled it like a boss.

In particular, we found out yesterday just how exceptional a person Trevor Letowski is, following his victory against the Seattle Kraken.

He had just won his first career game in the NHL as head coach, and he decided to give credit to everyone but himself. (notably to Martin St-Louis)

Trevor Letowski: "for me, it's a bit embarrassing just because of the circumstances; I feel like I'm the guy, I suppose, the head coach, but it was a real team effort - that's why I feel a bit uncomfortable saying it's my first win as an NHL head coach..."

- Via Priyanta Emrith

He also spent the entire week giving credit to Martin St-Louis, the other coaches, the players, while minimizing his own merit.

Yet, he should give himself some credit too! This Trevor Letowski worked extremely hard this week.

Bravo and thank you again, Trevor!

That said, the one who was acting as interim in the absence of Martin St-Louis was extremely happy to see him return last night. (according to witnesses at the scene)

"Letowski shared a beautiful emotional moment with the coach he was replacing, and what we can gather from all this is that really, St-Louis is an important figure within the locker room."

A beautiful story!

"What great news!

Welcome back Martin and hats off to Trevor Letowski for the way he stepped up in the absence of his friend." - Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports


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Trevor Letowski comments after Martin St-Louis' return

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