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Lottery rigged by Gary Bettman? A video changes everything

Published May 7, 2024 at 5:55 PM

Tonight, following the outcome of the 2024 NHL lottery and the Macklin Celebrini lottery, fans will inevitably cry foul and rigging.

Imagine if Utah wins the lottery, for example!

In short, the excellent Marco Normandin has done a great job with his latest publication, explaining why the NHL cannot «rig» the lottery drawing.

We know Bill Daly will reveal the order of the picks with the little white cards around 6:30 PM, as usual, but the lottery itself will take place earlier.

The lottery rigged by Gary Bettman and the NHL? Here is a publication showing that it's impossible

See an excerpt from his article, which is available at the bottom.

«The reality is that it is impossible for Gary Bettman or the league to rig its drawing. Here is how things will unfold behind the scenes.

Starting at 5:00 PM, about twenty witnesses, including journalists, lawyers, and members of the involved teams will gather in a closed room.

Before entering, they will have to leave phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches in a sealed envelope.» - Marco Normandin

Among those present will be Gary Bettman, Scott Clark (official auditor from the law firm Ernst & Young), journalists Frank Seravalli, Sheng Peng, Stephen Whyno, representatives of the NHL teams, and several other reliable people.

«Before the drawing, 1000 combinations are assigned to all the participating teams, randomly and according to the odds of each.

For example, the Canadiens will precisely own 85 combinations out of 1000 (8.5%).

14 numbered balls from 1 to 14 are inserted into the lottery machine.

Then, Thomas Meany will turn towards the wall and, without ever being able to see what happens in the machine, must order the technician to press the button to remove a ball every exactly 20 seconds.» - Marco Normandin

We will thus have 4 balls drawn, 4 balls that will form a winning four-digit combination. The team assigned this combination will be declared the winner of the 2024 National Hockey League lottery.

They will thus have the chance to get the excellent Macklin Celebrini.

And it is following this beautiful process that an NHL employee will be tasked with placing the cards that Bill Daly will reveal, in the correct order, live on television. (Daly will learn the result at the same time as us)

The video of the complete drawing will then be posted on the official NHL website.

A video that changes everything for those who might doubt it.

Hoping this can reassure some fans. Hoping this can change everything, in terms of some people's perception.

Mack Celebrini, 17 years old, scored 64 points, including 32 goals in 38 games this season at Boston University in the NCAA.

Let's keep our fingers crossed very hard!

Credit: HABSolumentFan - Voici pourquoi la LNH ne peut pas «truquer» le tirage de la loterie
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Lottery rigged by Gary Bettman? A video changes everything

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