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Major: it has just been confirmed for Jonathan Marchessault and the CH

Published May 7, 2024 at 11:47

For a while now, many rumors have linked Jonathan Marchessault to the Montreal Canadiens and Kent Hughes.

New information from Marc-Olivier Beaudoin will intensify these speculations.

The observer mentions that, according to his contacts, the Quebecois would be ready to listen to an offer from the Habs if he reached complete autonomy.

«Really looking forward to seeing what happens with Jonathan Marchessault following the Golden Knights' early elimination, considering their salary cap situation.

He could become a free agent. And I've been told he'd be open to hearing an offer from the Canadiens! Stay tuned!» - MOB

It is remembered that at the beginning of April, when he scored in an empty net to get his 40th goal of the season, Marchessault highly praised the current head coach of the CH, Martin St-Louis. Nothing to silence the rumors that linked, and still link, the forward and the Canadiens.

Confirmed: Jonathan Marchessault would not say no to the Montreal Canadiens and Kent Hughes according to a source

«I continue to prove everyone a little wrong: the analysts, the scouts, and the teams that never drafted me. Last year during the playoffs, they said I was just lucky. I am a guy with character. I will never stop, just like Martin St-Louis. He has always been an example for me. If I can have half of his career, I would be really happy. He's a guy who inspires me. I don't ever want to think too far ahead, I just want to help my team win.» - Jonathan Marchessault

He was also very realistic when speaking about his future with Jean-François Chaumont from the site NHL when asked if he wanted to stay in town. If he wants to stay in Vegas, Marchessault is also very aware of the situation in the city of vice.

«Hmm, that's a good question," he said to NHL.com. "Realistically, when you look at all the guys on our team, I don't think so. But you never know. They might be able to make room or something.» - Jonathan Marchessault

Marchessault, who is now 33 years old, will become an unrestricted free agent next July 1st. He knows that signing at his fair value with the Golden Knights will be difficult as the team's salary cap is very loaded.

According to the site Capfriendly, Vegas already has five forwards under contract with salaries over five million with Jack Eichel ($10 million), Mark Stone ($9.5 million), Tomas Hertl ($6.75 million), William Karlsson ($5.9 million), and Ivan Barbashev ($5 million). This is without counting the defensemen Alex Pietrangelo ($8.8 million), Noah Hanifin ($7.35M), and Shea Theodore ($5.2 million). Finding room to properly pay the 33-year-old veteran Marchessault will be difficult...

In 82 games this season, Marchessault has accumulated 69 points, including 42 goals. The winner of the prestigious Conn Smythe Trophy in 2023 still has offensive firepower in the tank, something Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will undoubtedly be looking for this summer.

However, it is to be wondered if the Quebecois's age will scare the CH's bosses. Spending numerous dollars on a contract for Marchessault, who will likely not come to town at a discount, could be costly to the club in the future. If he still has some good years to give, his contract could resemble those of Brendan Gallagher and Josh Anderson in a few years if it is too imposing and long.

It will be interesting to follow the developments of this file in the coming weeks...

Marqueur - Acquisition de Jonathan Marchessault par le Canadien: du nouveau
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Major: it has just been confirmed for Jonathan Marchessault and the CH

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