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Auston Matthews reveals the reason for his two-game absence

Published May 6, 2024 at 12:14

At a press conference in Toronto in the last few seconds, forward Auston Matthews revealed the real reason for his absence from two games.

In front of Toronto journalists, he confessed that the truth is he was "very sick" after game two of the series against the Boston Bruins, and then, he took a weird hit while playing sick during game four which caused him to miss games five and six.

This explains it.

Auston Matthews was affected by illness AND an injury, during the first round series against the Boston Bruins

The number 34 of the Leafs has just broken the silence in front of Toronto journalists.

Auston Matthews: «I got really sick before Game 2. Was trying to recover going into Game 3. In Game 4, I took a weird hit and couldn't go any longer. That is as detailed as I am going to get into it. It was tough. Really frustrating. Sucks. It was killing me to watch.»

"Auston Matthews reveals that, while suffering from an illness, he 'took a strange hit' which forced him to leave game 4 and cost him games 5 and 6."

- Matt Larkin

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Auston Matthews reveals the reason for his two-game absence

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