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Kent Hughes has just confirmed the trade rumours involving Reinbacher

Published May 6, 2024 at 1:02

The general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, has just caused a surprise in connection with a proposed trade involving David Reinbacher.

While many fans would be ready to sacrifice the young right-handed defenseman in order to move up a few ranks and to acquire the incredible Macklin Celebrini:

Here Kent Hughes has just confirmed the rumor that Reinbacher (the 5th overall pick in 2023) was involved in discussions for a major trade a year ago.

Kent Hughes has taken offers for his 5th overall pick and David Reinbacher and he considered accepting a trade.

As reported by my colleagues at Marqueur, in an interview on TSN ahead of the 2024 draft, Hughes recalled that he is open to all possibilities with his 2024 first-round pick, as he has been over the past two years.

The GM of the Canadiens goes further, confirming an intriguing scoop.

Hughes confirmed that he explored the option of trading his high pick, over the past two years and including last year (the pick that became David Reinbacher).

Obviously, nothing materialized in the end, but it's still really interesting to know.

Let's remember that there were many rumors, a year ago (rumors confirmed by the reputed Pierre LeBrun), that the Nashville Preds had made a big offer to Kent Hughes for his 5th overall pick that became Reinbacher.

Let's recall that the draft took place in Nashville and they wanted to make a big splash.

According to the rumor, the Preds were offering the young goaltender Yaroslav Askarov, their 15th overall pick, and another element, for the 5th overall pick of the CH.

Another rumor had it that the Detroit Red Wings offered their 9th overall pick and their 17th overall pick, for the 5th overall pick of the CH and another element, but this one was corroborated by fewer reputable insiders.

That said, know that Kent Hughes is indeed open to moving his high 1st round pick again this year (unless he wins the lottery), so this will be something to watch over the coming weeks.

He just mentioned it himself!

Reinbacher, 19 years old, 6 feet 3 inches and 209 pounds, has collected 11 points in 35 games this season in Swiss-A, and 5 points in 11 games in the American Hockey League with the Laval Rocket.

Credit: Marqueur.com - Transaction du choix top 7 du Canadien? Kent Hughes a fait une annonce
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Kent Hughes has just confirmed the trade rumours involving Reinbacher

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