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Martin St-Louis comments on his emotions over the past weeks

Published March 26, 2024 at 3:46 PM

Broadcasting live from Colorado, Martin St-Louis gave his first press conference since returning to the CH, and he spoke emotionally about his wife and children.

He was emotional, but also very serene about the whole situation.

See some notable statements:

"I'm happy to be back for several reasons. The main reason is that things are stable at home.

It hasn't been an easy week, but I'm happy to be back because it's my passion, my passions are my family and hockey (in that order) so it's nice to come back because things are better."

- Martin St-Louis, who also confirmed that he watched all the games

He also confessed that he is extremely proud to be part of this organization.

He is proud to see how the other coaches, players, and all members of the organization reacted following his departure. (on and off the ice)

Martin St-Louis also spoke about the good work of Trevor Letowski, who is extremely humble but deserves to congratulate himself for his good work.

"He deserved that victory!" - Martin St-Louis, talking about Letowski

Also, see the report by journalist Simon-Olivier Lorange, from La Presse, on the difficulty of leaving his family behind for Martin St-Louis in order to rejoin the Canadiens:

Another important statement. Martin mentioned that these ten days reminded him why he fell in love with hockey.

He also spoke with emotion and pride about his wonderful wife and his sons.

"I have a good team here, but I also have a very good team at home. I have a huge admiration for my wife, she handled everything so well."

- Martin St-Louis

See his very interesting full press conference, just here:

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Martin St-Louis comments on his emotions over the past weeks

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