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Martin St-Louis just confirmed a sad rumour about Xhekaj's injury

Published April 11, 2024 at 2:12

In a press conference over the past few hours, the head coach of the CH, Martin St-Louis, confirmed information involving Arber Xhekaj.

Following the major sad announcement by the Canadiens, which stated that defensemen Arber Xhekaj's season is unfortunately over due to a major injury requiring shoulder surgery, many fans and experts were looking for the sequence in which the Sheriff got injured.

Was it during his ridiculous altercation with Mikey Eyssimont, from the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Is it an injury he has been enduring for a long time? This is the information that has been circulating for some time, and Martin St-Louis has just confirmed it all.

Martin St-Louis confirms that Arber Xhekaj's injury is somewhat a wear-and-tear injury

See his exact statement.

« Martin St-Louis says he thinks Arber Xhekaj's latest shoulder injury happened over time and not in one particular game / instance.»

- Priyanta Emrith

This is really worrying for the future, but it's a problem that the operation could possibly solve. That's what we're hoping for anyway!

Let's remember that Xhekaj "should" be ready for the start of next season, as mentioned by the Canadiens in their statement.

Nevertheless, his summer of training and preparation will be very short, which could unfortunately have significant impacts on him.

In 44 games with the CH this season, Xhekaj has accumulated 3 goals and 7 assists for a total of 10 points. He had accumulated 11 points in 17 games with the Rocket during his time with the club earlier this season.

Case to follow!
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Martin St-Louis just confirmed a sad rumour about Xhekaj's injury

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