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The Habs have acquired a better player than Suzuki says Hughes

Published April 10, 2024 at 8:28 PM

In an interview with Frank Seravalli, the General Manager of the CH, Kent Hughes, had a lot to say about Juraj Slafkovsky, Kirby Dach, and Nick Suzuki.

During this very interesting conversation, Hughes praised the progression of Slafkovsky and Suzuki (whom he also compared to Patrice Bergeron), but he particularly dropped some very interesting information regarding Kirby Dach.

What if the best player of the CH wasn't even in the lineup at the moment? What if the simple addition of Kirby Dach became a major acquisition in itself for Martin St-Louis?

Seravalli asked the question.

Why would the Canadiens think they will be better next season, according to Kent Hughes?

Simply because the organization will add its best player to the lineup, or at least, the one who was the best player in the fall of 2023.

You read that right.

« Kent Hughes mentioned during the interview that there would be a better player than Nick Suzuki in the Habs lineup, and he will be added next season. »

This is about the player acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2022 draft, Kirby Dach.

According to GM Kent Hughes, last fall, it wasn't the captain who was the team's best player. It was Kirby Dach.

« Kirby Dach was the best player at camp, in our opinion. »

- Kent Hughes

Dach had also gathered two points in a game and a half before suffering a severe injury.

He was so dominant before getting injured.

We tend to forget, but it's indeed somewhat a huge addition that will happen for Martin St-Louis's team next season.

The future is bright, and we have the right to hope to play meaningful games at this stage of the season, in a year.

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« Kirby Dach était le meilleur joueur au camp, à notre avis » – Kent Hughes

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Kent Hughes a ajouté un meilleur joueur que Nick Suzuki au Canadien
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The Habs have acquired a better player than Suzuki says Hughes

Who will be the best player of the Canadiens next season, in your opinion?

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