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Firing in Montreal: Kent Hughes has just caused a surprise

Published April 17, 2024 at 10:57

After confirming Martin St-Louis's return behind the bench, Kent Hughes was quickly questioned about the future of other coaches, including Alex Burrows.

Burrows, who has done excellent work this season with the Canadiens despite rumors of dismissal, will be able to enjoy a quiet and peaceful summer.

Dismissals in Montreal? Kent Hughes has already resolved the matter and closed the door!

To our great delight, regarding a possible dismissal behind the Canadiens' bench (for Martin St-Louis's assistants), Kent Hughes has already closed the door on this possibility.

It didn't take long.

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Hughes admitted that special units, including obviously the power play, really need to improve but he blames no one for the failures.

Kent Hughes is happy with the work of his entire coaching staff and he doesn't need an experienced assistant coach, according to him!

So, don't expect any dismissals behind the Canadiens' bench by next year.

« Kent Hughes says he will meet with St-Louis and the coaching staff tomorrow. Burrows, Letowski, and Raymond all need new contracts. »

- Eric Engels, Sportsnet

« Kent Hughes likes his coaching group and does not believe he needs an experienced assistant coach to complete the group. »

- Renaud Lavoie, TVA Sports

Good news for Trevor Letowski, Alex Burrows, and their colleagues, then.

A guy like Alex Burrows behind an NHL bench, with all his knowledge and experience, is a solid asset to have for a young team like the Montreal Canadiens.

Details to follow.

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Firing in Montreal: Kent Hughes has just caused a surprise

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