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Logan Mailloux gets fined by Gary Bettman in his 1st NHL game

Published April 17, 2024 at 9:58

Last night, young Logan Mailloux lived a dream as he played his first NHL game, his career debut with the Canadiens.

However, for the second time in two days, a rookie from the CH will face a penalty due to a ridiculous rule established by Gary Bettman. (This is the case for most rookies, who are fined as soon as they arrive in the NHL)

It's a very particular way, let's say, of welcoming a new player.

A $2,500 victory lap for Logan Mailloux, courtesy of Gary Bettman

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It's always a beautiful moment and always gets a good laugh from the other regular players, but it's also forbidden by the NHL.

For a few seasons now, all new NHL players are required to wear their protective helmets at all times during warm-up.

Violators are fined $2,500 by the commissioner, and that's what young Mailloux is facing.

One can imagine that the team, or some veterans of the team, will pay the fine on his behalf, but it's starting to get expensive, and anyway, it's simply a matter of principle.

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Logan Mailloux gets fined by Gary Bettman in his 1st NHL game

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