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Cole Caufield is being compared to another elite goal scorer

Published May 4, 2024 at 5:06 PM

Even though he finished the last season with 65 points in 82 games, several are disappointed with Cole Caufield's performances.

For a player who needs to score by his style of play, they consider that 28 goals is not enough.

Nevertheless, Caufield has developed other aspects of his game, which will be most beneficial in the coming years. We remember that Martin St-Louis had mentioned during the campaign wanting to teach him to be a more complete player, which includes his defensive game.

His offensive aspect, even if he did not score as much as desired, was however present. His 37 assists prove it very well as he had only 31 in his career before this campaign. We must also not forget in the equation that the young American was coming back from a shoulder operation, which often seemed to bother him.

When we compare, we console ourselves...

On numerous occasions, Caufield has been compared to the young Alex DeBrincat. The latter, whom many consider as an elite scorer in the NHL, not only has the size but also the same offensive skills as number 22 of the CH.

Cole Caufield, like Alex DeBrincat for the CH

TVA Sports - Alex DeBrincat impressed by Cole Caufield

« One is 26 years old, measures 5 feet 8 inches, and has been scoring goals abundantly since his very young age, while the other is 23 years old, also measures 5 feet 8 inches, and... also scores goals abundantly since his very young age. »

As Alex Jodoin recalls on his X account, DeBrincat and Caufield ended the season with roughly the same statistics. Even the CH forward finished the campaign with one more goal than his opponent from the Wings, who is, remember, a pure scorer!

DeBrincat, who once had a peak of 41 goals in a season in 2021-22 while playing with the Blackhawks of Chicago, has not since repeated the feat. He has accumulated, in his two subsequent seasons, 27 goals each time. Yet, the young man of now 26 years old is still considered an elite scorer!

Let's therefore give a chance to the runner, that is to Caufield, before panicking. Approaching the 30-goal plateau is a feat in today's NHL, adding nearly forty assists is also not negligible.

Whether it's for goals or assists, if Cole puts his name on the score sheet it's an excellent sign for the future!


Habsolumentfan - Cole Caufield a connu une saison identique à celle d'Alex DeBrincat
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Cole Caufield is being compared to another elite goal scorer

Who do you think will score the most goals next year?

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