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Canadiens announce the possible end of a face of the organization

Published April 1, 2024 at 3:55 PM

In the last few seconds, the Montreal Canadiens have released a rather unexpected official statement.

The organization is finally giving you the opportunity to end it with one of the faces that are more or less unanimously recognized (at least, it seems to be the case).

« How many games should METAL! attend next season? It's up to you to decide his fate. » - Question asked by the Montreal Canadiens

The most popular answer in the comments is: ZERO.

One can say that the message from the fans is quite clear for now.

However, on this April 1st day, let's just say it looks more like an April Fool's joke that's quite hard to decipher.

The text speaks for itself:

« MONTREAL – Turn the volume up to 11 – or not.

The Canadiens announced on Monday that fans could now vote to determine the future of the team's secondary mascot, METAL!, the famous blue character that made a comeback during the 2022 Reverse Retro games.

A true success story since his return, METAL! is loved by everyone despite his limited role at the Bell Centre. The posts in which he appears are indeed flooded with comments showing widespread enthusiasm towards the mascot, such as: ''Who's the genius who thought of this?''

METAL!'s presence has also served as a real lucky charm for the team. Since the 4-3 victory against the New York Islanders in the Reverse Retro uniform on February 11, 2023, the Canadiens have not lost any match in which they wore the famous powder blue jersey – a streak of more than 13 months!

After initially announcing his retirement in October 2023, the mascot took up the mantle again a month later, in November, to the fans' delight.»

- Text from the Montreal Canadiens

Let's just say the irony is very clearly felt (especially since several special images appear when you click on the link in question.

In short, see the official statement and details, right here:

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Canadiens announce the possible end of a face of the organization

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