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Massive surprise was at Habs practice today

Published April 1, 2024 at 12:44

Here is a very nice surprise for the fans of the Montreal Canadiens, live from the Bell Centre.

This is a development we have been waiting for a while, but now, forward Kirby Dach was present at today's practice, with his teammates, and in a regular jersey no less!

See the images:

Please also note that the Canadiens are indeed exceptionally practicing at the Bell Centre, even though the team is not playing tonight, because it was team photo day today (the last of the season).

In short, this does not confirm that he will return to play this season, but it certainly gives hope for Kirby Dach and confirms that he will clearly have a full summer of preparation (which is really not to be neglected).

As for Christian Dvorak, his season would not be over after all!

He was also practicing with his teammates, in a regular (contact) jersey. So, he is in his very last step before returning to play.

Expect to see him back before the end of the season, so within the next two weeks.
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Massive surprise was at Habs practice today

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