With his departure from Montreal, is Marc Bergevin the best candidate for the Anaheim Ducks?

Published November 28, 2021 at 7:06 PM

Today, Geoff Molson made a clean sweep of the Montreal Canadiens' organization. The president showed Marc Bergevin, Trevor Timmins and Paul Wilson the door earlier today.

It is a nine-year partnership that ends between Marc Bergevin and the Tricolore. It must be said, the general manager has done quite a job if you look at the team he had on hand when he arrived in 2012.

Now, what does the future hold for Marc Bergevin? There is no doubt that NHL teams that are in the market for a GM will give Bergevin a call.

One of those teams is the Anaheim Ducks, who have not found a general manager since Bob Murray resigned. Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Salomon has been named interim GM.

Linked to the Ducks in the last few weeks, it would not be at all surprising to see Marc Bergevin get a job in Anaheim.

However, the decision will be in his hands and it could very well be that Bergevin wants to take a break from hockey. Being the Habs GM is certainly not an easy one when he has been criticized more often than not in Montreal.

Anaheim is a much smaller market than Montreal and Bergevin may be following Joël Bouchard, coach of the Ducks' AHL club.

In short, it is certain that Bergevin will find another position in the Bettman circuit. It remains to be seen with which organization and when.
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