Laurent Dauphin scored again in a Rocket loss

Published November 28, 2021 at 4:56 PM

The Laval Rocket is off to a sub-par start this season with a 7-9-1 record. Jean-François Houle's team is currently 6th in the North Division with 15 points.

If there is one player that stands out in Laval, it is Quebec's Laurent Dauphin. The Repentigny native is second in the AHL in goals scored with 10 in 17 games. He also leads his team in points with 14.

Last night, the Rocket lost to the Belleville Senators by a score of 7-3. Dauphin scored his 10th of the year in the third period when he deflected Tobie Paquette-Bisson's pass into the net.

With the Montreal Canadiens struggling with 14 points in 23 games, isn't it time to give Laurent Dauphin a chance?

Having played only 35 games in the Bettman circuit, the former Coyotes player has certainly proven that he deserves a recall from the Habs. In this season that is shaping up to be more than painful, it would be time to make room for those who deserve a spot in the lineup.

It will be interesting to see what approach the Tricolore will take in the coming weeks. With the change in personnel on the Habs staff, are we on the verge of a rebuild? In short, one thing is certain, Laurent Dauphin must be in the Montreal Canadiens lineup.
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