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When a Flyers player's grandmother goes viral

Published September 21, 2021 at 11:13

Do you know Grandma Marge, who suddenly became a Philadelphia Flyers star after posting a photo of herself on Twitter proudly wearing her grandson Cam Atkinson's jersey backwards? A photo and then a video, the whole thing obviously went viral.

Anyway, this proud grandmother is the new star of the Philadelphia Flyers, having received a team jersey from her grandson, a new right winger for that group.

Here's the video, which may fill your eyes with water:

"She went viral pretty quickly. She's been my number one supporter for a long time, probably since I was born. She deserves all the credit and I think she gave me my athletic ability. I didn't think it would go as viral as it has. She deserves it all." - Cam Atkinson

"Because they put the names on the back and I wanted to show it to Cam. This is the jersey he gave me. I wanted to skate to Cam. But my family says no!" -Grandma Marge

This is the kind of story that does so much good for the soul, doesn't it?
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