Dominique Ducharme dissected the "Weber" situation a little further

Published September 21, 2021 at 9:23

Dominique Ducharme was all over the map yesterday afternoon/evening, talking about Jonathan Drouin, but also about his captain Shea Weber. Weber's career remains nebulous because we don't really know which direction he is heading. We have a lot of questions!

Will Weber miss the entire 2021-22 season?

Is his career really in jeopardy?

Will he act as an assistant coach behind the Habs bench?

One thing we do know is that the Red, White, and Blue will not name another captain, so Dominique Ducharme will instead turn to a committee of leaders to get through this campaign. He believes that many players will step up.

In short, the coach was also on 98.5 Sports to deliver some information about his warrior. We know officially that the Montreal Canadiens do not count on Shea Weber this year and that the plans are built accordingly.

"For the moment he can not act as an assistant coach. He's had a cultural impact that will remain for years, it's not going away tomorrow. That's because of his great work. As of today, I don't see Weber playing this year. We're not counting on that in our plans."

You can just feel how important Shea Weber is to this team. That man, that player, has brought a culture to this organization and it's well entrenched now.
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