The Canadiens have a new source of motivation

Published September 21, 2021 at 8:37

It's fun to see JiC and his guests again because it's an indicator that hockey is knocking on the doors of fans of the beloved Sainte-Flanelle. Of course, several speakers were back, including Maxim Lapierre and Eric Fichaud. The two former NHL players spoke about the courage of Jonathan Drouin, who admitted to suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

Like most of the experts, if not all of them, they are behind Drouin, believing that number 92 will become an inspiration for the Montreal team. Jo Drouin has shown a lot of courage and leadership through his turbulent episode.

"He's an exceptional player who can help the Habs a lot. To have a star player like him back in the lineup is like a new acquisition on the free-agent market. It's going to be a new Jonathan Drouin. He's going to be happy to be here and his teammates are going to be happy for him. We need him healthy. It's going to rally the team. It's a major episode that's going to take the team elsewhere," said Lapierre.

But we have to keep something in mind as a fan and/or blogger: we have a job to do, which is to support Jonathan Drouin. We have to give him time to get back into the "game" since he hasn't played against opponents since last April. He doesn't need to juggle unnecessary pressure.

Let's salute his courage since mental illness is still a taboo subject, even more so in a world with so much testosterone. Jonathan, thank you.
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