Dominique Ducharme had a little more to say about Jonathan Drouin

Published September 20, 2021 at 7:20 PM

Dominique Ducharme, the man who knows Jonathan Drouin the most on the Montreal Canadiens, was on the floor of the JiC show, where he confided that his colt was serene and aware of the tools he has as a player to get through an 82-game season.

The head coach emphasized that number 92 now has the tools in his toolbox, according to Drouin and the organization as well. He's been working hard in Brossard for the past several weeks, both on the ice and/or in the gym. He's smiling. He's fine right now, but when the first punch comes, how will he react, even if he has the tools?

Basically, Ducharme wants Drouin to be good, and then where he plays is not the most important thing right now. Whether it's center or wing, the priority is that the human being continues to be in the state of mind he is in now.

By the way, Dominique Ducharme didn't say anything about Jonathan Drouin being on his top-6, but he did say that he would certainly be on his top-9.
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