Trevor Zegras predicts Cole Caufield's goal production for 2021-2022

Published September 20, 2021 at 3:29 PM

Trevor Zegras and Cole Caufield are what you might call inseparable. These two played on the same team for a long time, so they know each other very well. Zegras being the playmaker and Caufield being the scorer, these two complement each other wonderfully, considering they are both power play specialists.

Trevor Zegras made a huge statement on Twitter about his good friend. In response to a question on the NHL's Twitter account, where people were asked to make a "HOT TAKE" prediction, #46 predicted that Caufield would score no less than 40 goals this season.

Remember that this will be Caufield's first full season in the NHL, as he is only 20 years old. He should not be put under any extra pressure, as his compatriot just did. Caufield has the potential to score 40 in the long run, but for this year, we might want to lower our standards. A production of 25 to 30 goals is much more feasible and reasonable.

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