A journalist has already been stamped in a window by Zdeno Chara

Published September 20, 2021 at 2:32 PM

This week the New York Islanders brought defenseman Zdeno Chara back to their lineup on a one-season deal. The 6-foot-9 giant had been drafted in the third round by the New York organization in 1996. He had previously played four seasons with the team before joining the Ottawa Senators in a trade.

The Slovakian has always had an excellent reputation throughout the NHL, considering the gentleman that he is. He may not have a good reputation in Montreal, due to the famous incident that involved Max Pacioretty in the past. However, Chara should not be labeled as a childish person, because he really isn't. His reputation speaks for itself.

A reporter covering the New York Islanders, Howie Rose, welcomed back Zdeno Chara on his Twitter account. He took the opportunity to tell a funny story about the gentle giant.

Hearing all the stories about Chara's temperament, it doesn't surprise me. An incredible man and a renowned athlete, that Zdeno Chara.
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