Rafaël Harvey-Pinard proved to be a rare phenomenon this morning

Published September 21, 2021 at 10:22

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard wore the "C" of captain yesterday, as the young Canadiens rookies took on the young Senators. RHP played like a captain, the only way he knows how to play, with his foot to the floor. He plays with such intensity, that his foot even breaks the floor. That's quite a prospect for the Montreal Canadiens with his attitude and his BIG warrior stuff.

That being said, Harvey-Pinard was on 91.9 Sports this morning to talk about the Montreal Canadiens rookie camp. He obviously gave his self-evaluation of the moment:

"Offensively, I didn't produce much, but I focused mostly on effort. The chemistry between the guys is difficult, we don't know each other very well on the ice. We don't know each other very well on the ice. The chemistry isn't there yet."

On the subject of his nomination as rookie captain, the young man certainly feels privileged.

"It means a lot, honestly, it's an honor for me. Having the 'C' is a bigger pride with that logo on the jersey, it's special."

The young leader also opened up about his promising young teammate, Jan Mysak.

"He's really good. So fast. He creates chances. He's good on both sides of the ice. I've seen a really big improvement, you can see he's worked hard this summer."

This kid right here is so amazing. So mature. The interview he gave is well worth the detour. Take 15 minutes of your time to understand the Rafaël Harvey-Pinard phenomenon by listening to his interview, you will understand better than with words. Because, yes, in his own way, he remains a unique phenomenon.

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