When Samuel Montembeault highlights the history of the Montreal Canadiens

Published January 19, 2022 at 11:17

If Samuel Montembeault continues to progress in this way, he could force Kent Hughes to move Jake Allen, on the sidelines right now, even before the trade deadline. Unless his absence extends longer than expected.

That said, during yesterday's duel, as the Habs found themselves in Dallas to defeat the Stars 5-3, Montembeault stood up. He was hallucinating, making a multitude of sensational stops. This performance allowed him to rise among the best performances in the history of the franchise.

Little Sam has blocked no less than 48 pucks directed at him and according to the NHL record site, there is talk of the 10th highest total for a Canadiens goaltender in a regular game. It is at the same level as Antti Niemi, who achieved this kind of performance in March 2018.

This season, he finds himself in the summits for blocked shots during a game. A fine feat of arms, which will certainly give him even more confidence.

Montembeault also looked like he was talking to his net, at least, this gesture gives this impression. He most probably thanked him for his support, hehe.

No, but, look how nice it is to see these images circulating on the Habs' Twitter account. Positive, folks!

In closing, I remind you that the team's record in this category still belongs to Carey Price, who scored a 2-0 shutout against the Nashville Predators on November 14, 2009, where he made no less than 53 saves.
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