Geoff Molson has finally done something that everyone has been waiting for TOO long

Published January 19, 2022 at 10:17

For too long, since Marc Bergevin arrival in 2012, the former Habs players have been put in the corner. Guy Lafleur, Serge Savard, or Patrice Brisebois, all these beautiful people suddenly no longer served the Canadiens' cause.

The elders were not even allowed to chat with the current players during the Bergevin era... Amazing, right?

However, since Bergevin was fired Geoff Molson has given himself a «possible» mission, to redo the Habs culture. He promised diversity and it is already a mission accomplished since the great Chantal Machabée was hired by the prestigious concession.

Molson, Jeff Gorton and now Kent Hughes have not finished raising the popularity of a club a bit adrift, certainly. But they do it one by one, as they should. As further evidence, elders, such as Patrice Brisebois, were invited to participate in the press conference scheduled for this afternoon.

This gesture will make many happy since the criticisms in this regard were already too long ago. In the eyes of many, including myself, it was a complete lack of respect for former Canadiens players.

Thank you, Mr. Molson. 🙏
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