The earworm sung by Ben Chiarot and the Canadiens frustrates fans

Published October 31, 2021 at 8:52

Early Saturday night, the Montreal Canadiens dropped another one in another pathetic performance. A 5-2 loss to the Los Angeles Kings and Phillip Danault, who had put a cash amount on the board.

Following this duel, there was a meeting between the players and the GM allowed himself to enter the locker room to speak, which is never a good sign.

Once the meeting was over, the players faced the media, but they were not very talkative. During his speech, Ben Chiarot sang a redundant speech: "You have to work to win in this league. We refuse to do that right now."

The same song, the same earworm used since the beginning of the season... The lips speak, they say the right things, but the boots don't always follow. Yet, if there is one thing we decide in life, it is whether or not to make an effort.

Putting on your work boots, committing to the coach's game plan, isn't that what a team has to do to stop sinking? The Habs know it, say it, but don't take action to correct such a pathetic situation? Something is wrong...

Are the boys already fed up with the plan designed by coach Ducharme, who just signed a three-year deal with the club? The question must be asked...
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