The Montreal Canadiens washed its dirty laundry in the locker room after the game

Published October 30, 2021 at 8:57 PM

Following their loss to the Los Angeles Kings (5-2), which was their 7th in nine games, the boys locked themselves in the locker room for a team meeting. It's unclear who called the meeting in question, but it was done behind closed doors. As they say, at some point, dirty laundry must be washed as a family!

It should be noted that Dominique Ducharme did not speak during this meeting, as he can't shout at his foals every other day.

Marc Bergevin also came to discuss with his players in the dressing room, which is never a good sign. What does that mean?!?!

That being said, following this meeting, the players met with the media and they were not very talkative. However, I did pick up on one thing that David Savard said: commitment. Where is the commitment to the game plan that was put in place? Where is the leadership to ensure that everyone is following that plan?

It's easy to stick to a plan when a team is winning, even those who like it more or less stick to it. However, when a team loses the way the Habs are losing right now, those who were adhering to it by default start to turn against it.

It's simple, we're talking about a lack of commitment, a lack of leadership and a lack of effort, as Tyler Toffoli stated at his press conference.

There is something really unhealthy going on with this team...
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