Jean-François Houle clarified something about Michael Pezzetta

Published October 30, 2021 at 9:49 PM

Who hasn't been in love with Michael Pezzetta since the Montreal Canadiens' last training camp? We love him even more because he continues this "domination" with the Laval Rocket.

During Saturday afternoon's game, Pezzetta once again imposed himself by scoring the 3rd goal of his campaign. It was a lucky goal. But hard work always pays off in the end.

But, by the way, the man who proudly wears that beautiful curly hair has no worse hands.

So far, Pezzetta has six points in eight games, proving that he can hold his own offensively. Despite this offensive explosion, Jean-François Houle emphasized that Pezzetta must keep his DNA.

The day Marc Bergevin calls him back, he will have to show up in Montreal with his energy and physical style of play. He is wanted in a role as a little pest and he must not deviate from that when the time comes.

After all, it's his warrior DNA that the Montreal Canadiens need right now.
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