Solid acquisition by Kent Hughes: The Canadiens have found their next future goaltender with young Jacob Fowler

Published August 12, 2023 at 9:54

Even though the Montreal Canadiens are very well positioned for the future, with solid prospects on offense and defense, as well as strong draft picks to come, it's clear that Kent Hughes is still looking for a long-term solution in goal.

He demonstrated this clearly by drafting three goalies in the first five rounds of the most recent draft, and by being involved in talks to acquire players like Yaroslav Askarov.

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton must find Carey Price's successor if Samuel Montembeault is not the solution.

What if the CH already had a solid goaltender of the future? A draft acquisition by Kent Hughes could be the solution

Indeed, according to several observers, this summer, the Canadiens are said to have found their next future goaltender with the young Jacob Fowler.

An 18-year-old who could very well become the goaltender sought after by the organization. It's still early, but the experts are very excited.

This is particularly the case with Steven Ellis, who is certain that Fowler has the skills to become a starting goaltender in the NHL, nothing less.

Ellis, who followed Fowler closely at the World Junior Summer Showcase, even goes so far as to say that the young Canadiens goaltender could very well be the number one goaltender for Team USA.

Imagine the scenario, it would say a lot!

An NHL scout adds another layer:

"He has the makings of a starting NHL goaltender, there's no doubt about it. He has an imposing build, he's athletic, and he has a great head on his shoulders. His raw skills are there, and he will have the chance to face good competition at Boston University this season." - An NHL recruiter

He is definitely a name to keep in mind!

Do you believe that Jacob Fowler could become the number one goaltender sought after by the organization? We believe so too, but let's give him time.

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Solid acquisition by Kent Hughes: The Canadiens have found their next future goaltender with young Jacob Fowler

Who will be the Habs number one goalie in 3 years?

Jacob Fowler18034 %
Jacob Dobes6412.1 %
Cayden Primeau or Sam Montembeault17633.3 %
Other10920.6 %
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