Surprising statement from Dominique Ducharme on Jeff Petry, and it says a lot

Published August 11, 2023 at 9:11 PM

It's well-documented, it wasn't even subtle, the relationship between Jeff Petry and Dominique Ducharme was, let's say, complicated when the two men were with the Montreal Canadiens.

Complicated Relationship

Towards the end, Petry didn't even hesitate to publicly jab at Ducharme in the media, which was unacceptable to many:

In short, in the last few hours, Ducharme was asked to comment on the recent transaction involving Petry, and he took many people by surprise with his statement.

He showed tremendous class, and it says a lot about the wonderful person he is. He praised Petry without reservation.

With his family being far away, it wasn't easy for him. He's a good family man who is very close to his family.

So, for him, having them far away like that, it's certain that it was a significant challenge. It affected him both personally and on the ice.

– Dominique Ducharme on Jeff Petry

The new member of the Vegas Golden Knights even wishes him all the best.

I wish him the best because he's a good guy and he's someone who can help a team.

– Dominique Ducharme on Jeff Petry

Wow. A big kudos to Ducharme.

He could have easily stabbed Petry in the back, but he remained true to himself, that is, a person of great class!

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Surprising statement from Dominique Ducharme on Jeff Petry, and it says a lot

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