The NHL Finally Addresses the Five Player Suspensions From the 2018 World Junior Scandal

Published August 11, 2023 at 2:10 PM

As we all eagerly await the NHL's announcement regarding the players suspended in connection with the Team Canada Junior 2018 scandal, Bill Daly, on behalf of the league, has just broken the silence.

In response to the question of whether the NHL will announce a resolution of the investigation into the WJC 2018 before the opening of NHL training camps, the NHL's Deputy Commissioner, Bill Daly, responded by email that he did not have 'any specific timetable to share at this time'

- Katie Strang

A reaction that definitely does not have unanimous support.

It continues to drag on, and fans as well as stakeholders are starting to get seriously impatient.

Why is it taking so long? Clearly, most well-informed journalists already know the identity of the five players who will soon be suspended.

What is the NHL waiting for to confirm everything?

In any case, it seems impossible that this saga will not be resolved before the start of training camps, so it seems truly imminent.

Reminder of what we already know:

- After months of investigation, the NHL is reportedly about to suspend 5 players in connection with this scandal, and some journalists already know the identity of these five players.

- On July 10, Frank Seravalli stated that he believes a major announcement is imminent in this case, and some NHL teams are already preparing for the consequences of the suspensions of some of their players.

- Andy Strickland reported that five NHL players, including some very well-known names, will be suspended shortly by the NHL. We're talking about heavy suspensions here.

To be continued!

Credit : HABSolumentFan
August 11   |   691 answers
The NHL Finally Addresses the Five Player Suspensions From the 2018 World Junior Scandal

What suspension do you think will be announced for these 5 players?

Banned for life14921.6 %
Suspension for one year22532.6 %
Suspension indefinitely19027.5 %
Suspension for a few games12718.4 %
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