Sidney Crosby is really frustrated with the Penguins management and it's getting worse

Published May 17, 2022 at 5:07 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been eliminated for only a few days and already, there is a lot of movement within the organization.

As we reported yesterday, the discussions between Pittsburgh and their two star players, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang, would not go well.

It seems that Ron Hextall is aiming for a three-year contract for Malkin (to follow Crosby) and that negotiations with Letang are at a standstill, so much so that the renowned Elliotte Friedman (Sportsnet) would not be surprised to see him leave the Penguins this summer.

It really seems to be going in that direction, wow!

Imagining Malkin in a different uniform is, shall we say, very special!

There's more. Journalist Rob Rossi, who follows the Penguins, revealed the ridiculous offers Letang and Malkin received to stay in Pittsburgh.

We are talking about three-year contracts and $5M per season for each. Offers so crazy that even Sidney Crosby got angry at the Penguins' management.

The number 87 is really not comfortable and really does not agree with what is happening now.

It's understandable. He wants to keep his two sidekicks, his two pillars (Malkin and Letang) with him in Pittsburgh. And with the contract offers they just received from management, Crosby knows very well that it's a laughing matter for two great players in the history of the Penguins and he knows very well that it will push them towards the exit.

The situation seems to be getting worse and it will be a file to follow very closely.

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Sidney Crosby is really frustrated with the Penguins management and it's getting worse

Is the Penguins management lowballing Malkin and Letang with these ridiculous offers?

Yes they are worth more than 5M for 3 years14855.4 %
Itís a fair offer11944.6 %
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