We now know where Marc-Andre Fleury should play next season!

Published May 17, 2022 at 4:32 PM

We told you yesterday that the Marc-Andre Fleury file is attracting a lot of attention in the NHL right now. He will be looking for a new contract this summer and he will be free as a bird.

There have been many speculations about him. Some have talked about a return to the Pittsburgh Penguins, others have talked about a contract with the Montreal Canadiens and some have even believed that he would announce his retirement.

Finally, yesterday, Fleury was asked about the subject and he was very transparent:

"I'm glad I came (to Minnesota). I'm glad I had the opportunity to play with this team. It's a great locker room." - Fleury

And he added this:

"Fleury says he would "definitely" like to re-sign with the wild. Obviously, it's a two-man decision, so if it doesn't work out here, he'll test the market. He maintains that he wants to play next season." - Michael Russo, Wild reporter

Two important things here. First, we can forget about retirement. He has announced he will be back next season.

Second, if Minnesota ever offers him a nice contract, he will stay there. His intentions are clear, he wants to stay with the Wild.


Before thinking that Marc-Andre Fleury would stay with the Wild, we had to wait to see what GM Bill Guerin had to say because, as the Quebec goalie mentioned yesterday, it's a decision that is made by two people.

Well, we just learned that both sides want to come to an agreement.

After Fleury yesterday, in the last few seconds, the GM of the Minnesota Wild settled the issue and made it very clear:

"Bill Guerin says he really wants to re-sign Marc-Andre Fleury. He also noted that Cam Talbot is under contract. "We want both." His intentions are clear." - Dane Mizutani, Wild reporter

There's nothing official yet, but considering how publicly both sides are on the same page, and considering how much they (both) want it to work, it should happen.

All indications are that Marc-Andre Fleury will be back in Minnesota next year.

For details on the veteran goalie's statements:

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We now know where Marc-Andre Fleury should play next season!

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