Danault sends jabs to Montreal fans and media following his loss to the Oilers

Jeff Drouin
May 17, 2022  (4:07 PM)

Now that the Los Angeles Kings are out of the playoffs, it was time to take stock, especially for Quebec forward Phillip Danault and once again, his past in Montreal was discussed.

After signing with the Kings, Danault admitted that he wanted to prove that he could bring more offensively and he mentioned that Los Angeles offered him more than Montreal (in addition to the salary of course).
As part of his review, Danault was very happy to have reached his goals and he mentioned that the Kings absolutely lived up to their end of the bargain, by giving him more offensive opportunities.
"On the ice, I exceeded my goals. I'm very proud of that. I knew I had offensive skills and I needed someone to believe in me. [...] I proved to myself and the world that I could score goals and make a difference every night."

Danault, 29, has scored 27 goals this season (doubling his career high with the CH) and has 51 points in 79 games.
He brought back the comparisons to Montreal, a matter of putting him back in the face of his former club a bit:
"Everything they promised me happened here. They trusted me and I showed what I could do. They used me in different situations compared to Montreal. I really appreciated that and that's what I wanted when I signed here. They've lived up to what they told me last summer."

Danault even went further himself on the differences between Montreal and Los Angeles:
"It's quieter and I can breathe a little better here. In Montreal, there is a lot more pressure. All the little mistakes or details are underlined."

A little message here to the fans and the media, who can be very demanding of their players, because they absolutely want to win. Finally, Danault was asked about the arrival of Marc Bergevin in Los Angeles:
"This is the business of hockey. What happened in the past is in the past. I'm sure he's happy here and must have a lot less pressure. We all know Montreal is a tougher market."

One thing is for sure, the former CH center seems proud of his move and seems very happy with his decision. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this level of play throughout his contract. He is signed until 2027 and earns $5.5 million per season.
Let's remember that the Kings have several very promising young centers, who will start to grow very soon and could take away big minutes from Danault. We think of Quinton Byfield, Gabriel Vilardi and Alex Turcotte, among others.
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Danault sends jabs to Montreal fans and media following his loss to the Oilers

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