Martin St-Louis reveals his intentions regarding Cole Caufield!

Published February 14, 2022 at 5:25 PM

Since the arrival of Martin St-Louis as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Cole Caufield has regained his scoring touch, while he scored two goals in as many games, he was also denied a goal against the Capitals, and he also seems to have regained his confidence.

While many hockey fans would have liked to see Caufield take the road to Laval in the last few weeks, there is no doubt that his offensive awakening pleases the supporters of the Canadian.

Is the plan now to keep the young American forward with the big club? It would seem so.

As reported by Félix Forget, from the, the Canadiens' game analyst on TVA Sports, Patrick Lalime, mentioned having a discussion with Martin St-Louis during Saturday's game against the Blue Jackets, and the new coach has said he wants to keep Caufield with the team for the short term and that he wants to help him in his development and become his adviser.

Obviously, St-Louis seems to have a positive impact on the young scorer.

However, Renaud Lavoie mentioned that the situation could change if the Laval Rocket ever made the playoffs. In this case, we could decide to send him there to allow him to play more important games.

But we must admit that it feels good to see Cole Caufield scoring goals on a regular basis, kind of, as he did so well in the last playoffs.

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