Cat Toffoli in tears : she does not want to leave Montreal

Published February 14, 2022 at 5:08 PM

The reactions continue to be numerous, following the trade sending Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames.

For those who missed it, see the details:

One of those who reacted quite clearly is Toffoli himself :


In addition to having discussed with the one who is now a former player of the Habs, the excellent Eric Engels, who covers the activities of the Montreal Canadiens for Sportsnet, discussed with the wife of Tyler, Cat (Belanger) Toffoli.

The least we can say is that she did not particularly appreciate the news. As Tyler mentions in the article linked above, Cat Toffoli admits to being literally in tears.

She doesn't want to have to move from Montreal. She admits to being excited for Tyler, for a potential playoff run, but she's already missing Montreal, a city she's fallen deeply in love with and a city her family cares deeply about.

She says she is incredibly grateful to the Canadiens and to the Montreal community. She feels indebted to so many people here, she says.

It may seem intense, but these are exactly his words, sincere and moving. The proof :

- « On now with @catbtoffoli, who is certainly excited for Tyler, but she's literally in tears about leaving Montreal--the city she fell deeply in love with and has family ties to. She's so thankful to the Canadiens and the MTL community. She feels indebted to many ppl here.

She was returning from vacation Wed, and now she's returning then to spend some time packing everything up. » - Eric Engels

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