Tyler Toffoli sent a clear message to the management of the Habs before being traded

Published February 14, 2022 at 4:48 PM

In the last few hours, the now ex-Montreal Canadiens player, Tyler Toffoli, began to deliver his impressions of today's trade and to give comments to reporters.

In particular, he sent a strong emotional message to Habs fans: DETAILS HERE

Also, Toffoli revealed to Luc Gélinas, of RDS, that he had good conversation with management, with Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes, before the trade. He sent them a clear message:

«I had many discussions with management and made it clear that I wanted to stay. But I also told them that I would understand if they ever wanted to let me go." -Tyler Toffoli

Despite this wish, we know what happened. Toffoli is now a Calgary Flames player, which makes his wife very sad, as he said. (just like many Habs fans, by the way) Certainly, it confirms that it was really not his decision to leave, and he never wanted that.

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