Tyler Toffoli and Renaud Lavoie reveal what's coming for the Habs and it will be big!

Published February 14, 2022 at 4:11 PM

Freshly traded by the new GM of the Montreal Canadians Kent Hughes, Tyler Toffoli has just reacted to the news:

Obviously, he loved playing for Montreal and his family loved the city. He seems to be a bit in shock and sad, he wanted to stay with the Habs, but he understands the situation.

Then, commenting further on the trade involving him, Toffoli dropped a little bombshell. We suspected it, but it's still something to hear it from the mouth of a player very well informed of the situation:

«I won't be the only one getting traded. There will be other changes soon. I loved Montreal, I really loved wearing the Canadiens jersey." -Tyler Toffoli

These comments are exactly the same as those made by Renaud Lavoie, a few minutes after the official announcement:

«The trade involving Tyler Toffoli is only the beginning for Kent Hughes. It's quite a return, with the picks and Heineman who is a 2nd round pick of the Panthers in 2020 (obtained for Sam Bennett). A big, fast Swedish skater with flair around the net." - Renaud Lavoie

He later adds that another big move might be imminent.

The message is clear. We must expect other big changes, other big trades in Montreal, fairly soon. Who will be the next to leave, according to you?

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